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Children are more likely to live in poverty than any other group; in New York City, 24% of those under the age of 18 are living in poverty.

-The CEO Poverty Measure, 2005-2014, distributed in April 2016

Funding Guidelines

Family Support

Photo Courtesy of Avenues for Justice

The Family Support portfolio encourages the development of the youngest New Yorkers by helping children access engaging, developmentally appropriate experiences that will prepare them for school and by ensuring that families have access to tools and supports that enable them to thrive. Early childhood is a particularly important time for children’s development, and providing support for both young children and their families from birth (or before) to age 5 helps inspire long-term positive life outcomes.

Portfolio Goals

Within the Family Support portfolio, Tiger Foundation provides funding for:

  1. Early childhood programs that foster the development of academic and social-emotional skills and offer full-day, year-round care and supports for families. Programs that serve clients in multiple sites across the city and offer additional programs and wraparound family supports are prioritized.
  2. Comprehensive programs that keep families together, reunite families who have had children placed into foster care, and/or offer other solutions for family success and permanency while supporting efforts to achieve stability and positive outcomes for children and their caregivers.
  3. Programs that help parents develop the tools, knowledge, and skills to support children’s age-appropriate cognitive and social/emotional development, while developing healthy attachments and positive parenting practices.

Measurable Outcomes

For center-based early childhood programs:

  • Strong enrollment and retention of families, leadership, and staff
  • A rich and varied learning environment that helps children make progress in a range of domains
  • Children showing age-appropriate developmental progress towards milestones
  • Identification of children who have additional developmental needs and provision of service to help them make progress towards their goals
  • Evidence of wraparound supports for parents and families whose children are enrolled

For comprehensive and targeted family supports:

  • Growth of parenting skills and behaviors that support healthy attachment and child development
  • Decreased levels of child and parent stress, avoidance of traumas and/or measured alleviation of its impacts
  • Increased access to reliable and quality childcare, employment, health care, and stable housing, and the addressing of physical and mental health needs for parents and children
  • Re-unification of families with children that have been in foster care
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